31 August 2016

ComputerTalk Today Announces a Partnership with SoftApp-distribution in the Netherlands!

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Richmond Hill, Canada (August 31, 2016) – ComputerTalk Technology Inc, the one and only provider of the enterprise-class native Skype for Business contact center welcomes SoftApp-distribution, located in the Netherlands, to the ComputerTalk Global Partner Network. This partnership will further expand ComputerTalk's presence in Europe and bring added value to contact centers in that region.

The SoftApp-distribution-ComputerTalk partnership will bring enterprise-class Skype for Business native contact center and business process automation to companies in the Benelux region. By using ice, the Intelligent Communications Exchange, companies will be able to extend the power of contact center applications to the rest of the enterprise.

"With the addition of ice as an on-premises solution or as a hosted service, we offer our partners a Skype for Business enterprise-class solution that addresses increasing demand for additional telephony functions on the Skype for Business and Office 365 platform," said Jeroen André de la Porte – CEO, SoftApp-distribution. "ComputerTalk, with almost 3 decades of contact center experience, provides the latest and greatest features that SoftApp-distribution customers are demanding." Through this partnership, SoftApp-distribution will be able to provide their customers a software-only, all-in-one multimedia contact center that supports the phone, instant messaging, email, Twitter, video, fax, Skype, and SMS modalities.

Charles Lesieur – Business Development Manager, ComputerTalk says, "We are excited to partner with SoftApp-distribution - they know the Microsoft application stack and the Benelux region very well. With their expertise, we will bring the winning combination of Skype for Business / O365 and ice to customers in Europe."

About ComputerTalk:
ComputerTalk ice, the intelligent communications exchange, is the only enterprise-class native Skype for Business contact center. It seamlessly integrates advanced IVR and ACD functionality with the omnichannel power of Skype for Business in the contact center. Our software-based, modular architecture creates an easily managed, scalable software solution that can integrate with any business application. Omnichannel components of ice include: voice, email, IM/Webchat, video, social media, and fax. These components can be universally queued, reported on, and integrated into your existing database applications for CRM, ERP, help desk, and HR.

Founded in 1987, ComputerTalk, is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Canada. ComputerTalk is a global provider of enterprise-class Skype for Business native and PBX-agnostic contact center products, cloud hosting services and custom application development. ComputerTalk is a contact center member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and a Microsoft Gold Application Development and Gold Communications partner.

Contact: Nicole Robinson, Marketing Associate, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About SoftApp-distribution:
SoftApp-distribution headquartered in Amersfoort – the Netherlands, is a Benelux centric value-add ICT distributor of cutting edge Unified Communications add-on solutions. SoftApp-distribution offers customer facing business partners unique and 'world class' Unified Communication add-on solutions that add true value on customer level, not only provide the solutions but also the tools, training and resources to enable our customer facing business partners to continue to build profitable businesses, and deliver to our vendors a stable, dedicated and knowledgeable regional reseller network that truly contributes towards their image, growth and profitability.

Contact: Jeroen André de la Porte, CEO, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


19 July 2016

WPC BASH 2016 Toronto Rooftop Party Photos

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in ComputerTalk, Events, World Partner Conference 2016

Thank you for attending our rooftop WPC BASH 2016. We've been rated as the best party of WPC'16.

We hope you had fun! View all the photos after the link.

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12 July 2016

ice Contact Center for Skype for Business is one of the first to become certified for Skype for Business Server 2015

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Richmond Hill, Ontario – July 12, 2016 – ComputerTalk Technology Inc. today announces that ice, the Intelligent Communications Exchange, is Certified for Skype for Business! The certification indicates that ice has passed rigorous third party testing offered by Microsoft for Skype for Business solutions. ice is a native Skype for Business Contact Center platform that allows users to build communications workflows that connect users with the right subject matter experts. It is one of the first contact centers to receive this designation.

“I’m excited that we’ve been able to partner with Microsoft on this certification for ice on Skype for Business,” says Chris Bardon, Chief Software Architect at ComputerTalk, “It gives us independent validation that ice integrate well with Skype for Business and that Skype for Business supports all of the features that ice implements. This certification includes validation of our outbound calling platform, as well as scenarios involving hybrid and cloud users, which will give our customers the confidence to deploy all of the features of ice on the latest releases and topologies that Microsoft supports.”

ice provides an extensible and powerful interface to create contact center applications. Using ice, organizations can leverage CRM data, skills, and speech to route, record, and report on voice, email, IM, webchat, SMS, video and desktop sharing in a UC contact center. Organizations in all industry verticals can use ice to integrate their business applications into their contact center and transform the way they interact with customers, their own employees, and partners. ice brings together information silos, improving contact center productivity to knowledge-based workers.

The Skype for Business App Certification Program is designed to offer Microsoft customers the added assurance of third-party solutions that have demonstrated a high quality experience and compatibility when deployed with Skype for Business. Only products that pass the specifications outlined in the Skype for Business Certification Program can be associated with this designation. All products that pass this certification program are listed on http://apps.skypeforbusiness.com/.

Founded in 1987, ComputerTalk, is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Canada. ComputerTalk is a global provider of enterprise-class Skype for Business native and PBX-agnostic contact center products, cloud hosting services and custom application development. ComputerTalk is a contact center member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and a Microsoft Gold Application Development and Gold Communications partner. For more information, please visit http://www.computer-talk.com/en/enterprise-products/ice-contact-center-for-skype-for-business


11 July 2016

Find out about Contact Center SMS at WPC for a chance to win a Surface Book!

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in ComputerTalk, Contact Center, World Partner Conference 2016

Did you know that text messaging is the most widely and frequently used app on smartphones? According to Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day.

Studies show that giving customers the option to contact organizations through their preferred channels is the best way to improve customer loyalty and brand reputation. With so many people using text messaging, it makes sense to update your contact center tools so that your agents can help your customers via SMS.

With the latest version of ice Contact Center, agents can handle SMS from customers. Incoming SMS messages are delivered to agents through the Skype for Business client and agents can respond to them the same way they would an IM or webchat.  This provides customers another channel in which they can contact your organization while allowing agents to continue answering requests the same way they do today, reducing retraining requirements.

Visit ComputerTalk's booth at WPC (#528) or drop by our WPC bash to learn more about SMS in the contact center. You will automatically be entered for a chance to win a Surface Book.


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08 July 2016

To Cloud or Not to Cloud - the Hybrid Option

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in ComputerTalk, Contact Center


To cloud or not to cloud is a question to which many organizations are still trying to find an answer. Go here to find out some of the common misconceptions and considerations you should keep in mind when trying to decide.

An option that is often forgotten is hybrid. 

Organizations with hybrid contact center deployments have some of their contact center applications in the cloud and the rest on their telephony infrastructure on-premises. This model bridges existing on-premises infrastructure and the cloud, helping organizations move towards a full cloud deployment or maximize the life of existing on-premises tools.

For hybrid deployments, on-premises and cloud technologies should not only co-exist but also complement each other. For example, voice recording may be on-premises, while advanced interaction analytics and quality monitoring can be housed in the cloud.

In contrast to a typical office environment, the contact center is more complex. In a typical office, standard telephony and IT systems are generally sufficient. In a contact center, integration with third-party systems, data collection and recall, and numerous other tools that end users have need to be considered. This greatly influences service delivery choice and set-up considerations.

Contact center experts can help your organization navigate the complexities around contact center environments, including hybrid set-ups.

To find the solution that matches your specific contact center requirements, speak to a contact center expert. If you're interested in speaking with a ComputerTalk contact center expert, leave a message here.

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06 July 2016

Benefits of Callbacks in the Contact Center

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in ComputerTalk, Contact Center

Contact centers experience spikes in activity, which lead to longer hold times and frustrated customers and agents. When organizations implement callback in their contact center, they are able to better align available resources to customers’ needs and gain operational improvements in key service metrics.

Here are some benefits to offering callback in your contact center:


  1. Callers can request callbacks to avoid waiting in queue for long periods of time.
  2. Callbacks increase customer satisfaction by freeing up the caller’s time. Callers can complete other items on their to-do list while waiting for a callback.
  3. Customers are connected to the best suited agent which increases first contact resolution and decreases call time.