06 July 2016

Benefits of Callbacks in the Contact Center

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk

Benefits of Callbacks in the Contact Center

Contact centers experience spikes in activity, which lead to longer hold times and frustrated customers and agents. When organizations implement callback in their contact center, they are able to better align available resources to customers’ needs and gain operational improvements in key service metrics.

Here are some benefits to offering callback in your contact center:


  1. Callers can request callbacks to avoid waiting in queue for long periods of time.
  2. Callbacks increase customer satisfaction by freeing up the caller’s time. Callers can complete other items on their to-do list while waiting for a callback.
  3. Customers are connected to the best suited agent which increases first contact resolution and decreases call time. 


  1. Callers are usually more friendly when they do not have to wait. The number of irate customers an agent would have to handle would be reduced. With fewer irate customers to handle, agents would be more friendly, so they would be able to provide better service.
  2. Callbacks reduce call volume spikes and lulls by giving callers the choice to opt out of waiting on the line.

Consider a contact center without callbacks. The contact center would experience typical spikes and lulls in call volume during the day. During a spike, assuming agents spend a similar amount of time on each call, wait times increase. More spikes occur after that, as the people who called in earlier and had abandoned their initial call try to reach an agent later on in the day.

callback service staffConsider a contact center with callback. As wait times increase, more callers will request a callback. This reduces the number of calls in queue and ultimately contribute to a decrease in wait time. When the number of calls waiting in queue is low, agents will make callback calls, reducing agent underutilisation and increasing efficiency.

callback agents handle requestsA more even distribution of work throughout the day, as well as happier callers may facilitate a better work environment for agents.


  1. Improved metrics, such as decreased call abandoned rates, increased first call resolution, higher customer satisfaction, fewer call attempts required, improved productivity.
  2. When customers experience excellent customer service, they are more likely to stay loyal customers and share the great experience with their community.

If you are looking to improve customer satisfaction and contact center performance metrics, an option to consider is callback. There are several ways to incorporate callback into the way you deliver customer service today. For more information, send us a message at http://computer-talk.com/en/contact-us.



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