12 February 2018

Empowering contact center agents with AI

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Empowering contact center agents with AI

Every minute, your contact center generates massive amounts of data, as information flows between your customers and your organization. The contact center serves as a tool to manage this data and use it to provide customer service.

By managing the enormous amount of data, the contact center can provide insights into your customer journey to optimize your services. These insights empower agents to provide more effective and efficient service to customers. The challenge in leveraging this significant data source is in its volume. How can you sift through all of the information to find the key insights and draw accurate conclusions about your customer experience? That’s where AI comes in.

Your agents already have access to a wealth of customer information through CRM integration. This helps them provide effective, personalized service, and to solve problems quickly. Customer-specific information is important, but many insights can be gained by looking at the overall contact center. This holistic view is made possible with AI. Integrating AI into your contact center allows you to take massive data sets and distill them down into specific insights, in real time. This allows agents to receive recommendations to improve customer service while they are assisting customers. Combining customer-specific information with general insights creates a powerful experience.


An example of how AI can support agents involves the suggestion of a course of action. The AI tool can learn which course of action is most likely to solve a customer problem. For example, by looking at a macro dataset from the contact center, the AI can learn the most effective solutions to a networking problem, and rank them by effectiveness. Then, when a customer calls in with a networking problem, the AI can begin suggesting solutions for the agent to offer the customer. As the agent attempts to assist the customer, the AI can update recommendations in real time, to account for the nature of the support call. These types of small AI applications can be extraordinarily powerful in improving agent efficiency, saving time and money, as well as securing customer loyalty.

The key to an effective AI solution in the contact center is machine learning. The ability of the AI to constantly iterate, learn and improve is what makes it effective. Optimal customer experience is a moving target, and your services have to constantly be adjusted to meet your customers’ needs. Machine learning allows the AI to continually improve its knowledge, based on previous outcomes. As the AI learns, the outcomes are more and more likely to result in success. With the use of AI, agents can become more efficient than ever, which improves customer experience and saves your organization a lot of money.



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