19 June 2017

Facebook: Find your customers where they already are

Written by Christopher Liko, Posted in Contact Center

Facebook: Find your customers where they already are

It’s no secret that most of the online world is on Facebook. With nearly 2 billion active users1, it is no longer a question whether you should communicate with your customers on Facebook. The questions now are “when” and “how.”

Conversing with customers

There is clear value for a business to be on Facebook, but simply having a presence on the platform is not enough. The true value arises from conversations between businesses and customers. Facebook reports that 2 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month. This statistic includes automated (chatbot) and human-initiated messages. The company also reports that 53% of people say that they are more likely to do business with a company that they can message. Whether through chatbots or agents, businesses must provide instantaneous access to information and support.

Meet customers on their platform

Your customers are already on Facebook. So are you. It is imperative that customers can have a dialogue with your business, without ever leaving Facebook. Consider the ecosystem of Microsoft Office 365 or Apple’s device and application ecosystem. These platforms are designed so that users can perform all of their tasks in a familiar place, with a familiar UX, without ever having to leave the ecosystem. The same rationale applies to customer conversations on Facebook. Your customers are familiar with Facebook and they already use the platform. Enabling customer conversations on Facebook removes the perception that receiving support is an arduous or time-consuming process.

Social media decision making

Deloitte2 reports that shoppers who are influenced by social media are 6x more likely to spend significantly more money due to their digital shopping experience. Having instantaneous access to product information, support or availability can drastically improve that experience. What if your customer was already ready to make a purchase before (or without) visiting your website? This is enabled by the direct line to your customers on Facebook. This digital shopping experience can be improved by providing tailored information to customers. One method of doing so is by connecting customers with live agents through Facebook Messenger. Another way is to create intelligent chatbots within the Messenger platform.

Messenger chatbots make it easy

Facebook’s not-so-secret strategy around its Messenger platform has become very clear in recent months. The social media giant wants businesses to develop chatbots to offer two-way communication between AI and customers. The good news is that the platform is easy to use and is well-supported by Facebook’s development team. The even better news is that you can create your chatbot and instantly connect it into your contact center. It then becomes another modality for your contact center, enabling tracking and reporting on these interactions. The power of the contact center enables you to make the right decisions regarding your Facebook conversational interface, constantly improving your interactions and enabling more effective and efficient conversations with customers.

What this means for you

Integrating Facebook into the contact center can provide natural cost savings while increasing sales. Here are some examples of the power of Facebook in the contact center:

  • Your intelligent chatbot detects sentiment in a customer’s messages, and decides to provide the customer with a one-time-use coupon to entice them to make a purchase

  • An agent is able to connect a customer’s Facebook profile to their customer account through CRM, enabling them to view the customer’s interaction history

  • A customer can be redirected by an agent into an intelligent chatbot workflow to answer basic questions, freeing up time for the agent to answer more complex questions

  • A customer can schedule a callback through Facebook Messenger if no agents are available to take their questions

The value of incorporating Facebook into your contact center is tremendous. In order to make the most of your Facebook integration, it is important to understand all the factors involved. To learn more, view our webinar! http://www.computer-talk.com/en/blog/item/live-webinar-the-contact-center-of-the-future-customer-engagement-with-facebook


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