17 May 2018

How Gamification Supercharges Employee Performance in the Contact Center

Written by Danielle Wong, Posted in Contact Center, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk

How Gamification Supercharges Employee Performance in the Contact Center

First thing’s first: What is gamification?

According to Gartner, "gamification is the use of game mechanics to drive engagement in non-game business scenarios and to change behaviors in a target audience to achieve business outcomes." By applying activities and this game thinking methodology to the workplace, this can lead to greater contact center results, benefitting both employees and the organization itself. Through leaderboards, points, challenges, and incentives, gamification can help motivate and engage contact center users. For users to be successful in their role, employee motivation is a crucial component to deliver the best experience for their customers.

What is the value of implementing gamification in your contact center?

When implementing new strategies in organizations, the questions always asked are: Is it worth it and how will we measure success? To determine the return on investment, gamification involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) of contact center employees during their shifts. Some examples of KPIs that are measured include the average time contacts spend in queue, the average speed of answer, first contact resolution, total call duration, etc. These KPIs differ from organization to organization, but the metrics are utilized to motivate agents to improve performance by reaching goals and competing against each other.

How will this benefit the organization?

One of the benefits of implementing a gamification strategy in your contact center is improved employee performance. If agents perform well, then the company performs well. Consequently, this leads to organizational growth with their people, products, and service.

Improve employee performance

It is important to keep employees motivated to achieve a productive and satisfying workforce. Employee motivation can be stimulated and incentivized with rewards based on individual performance. For example, leaderboards visually show the performance of each agent, presenting results where they can keep track of their progress. A survey conducted by Gallup discovered that 70% of workers in the U.S. aren’t engaged or are actively disengaged with their work, costing the American economy $450-$550 billion annually. Enterprises are starting to discover the value gamification can add internally to motivate employees and drive business operations.
Here are 3 ways implementing gamification in your contact center can improve employee performance:

Provide feedback in real time

Personal development is a significant aspect of a company’s culture to provide higher employee satisfaction. Rafael Solis, Co-founder and COO at Braidio, a training development platform for organizations, stresses the importance of employee learning; stating it’s a necessity to companies. With gamification, users can track their progress throughout their shift and compare how they are performing against their co-workers. By providing the feedback in real time, users are able to increase their performance at an accelerated rate. All in all, feedback will not only help users with their own development, but it is a critical factor to sustain success within companies.

Goal setting and rewards

Gamification is data and numbers driven. Whether it be customer satisfaction ratings or average handle time, agents can set goals with management to better understand their expectations. Goal creation is an excellent way to measure and motivate agents to reach their goals and provide them with personal satisfaction whether it be through recognition on leaderboards and badges or through physical prizes. In order to enhance and motivate employees to reach these milestones, incentives are utilized to help increase employee motivation and loyalty. Not only do they feel good about their work, but they are recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

Create friendly competition

Not only can agents get rewarded for reaching their own goals, but there can be incentives for being top performers. In recent years, more and more contact centers have been implementing this gamification aspect within their organizations. Thus, creating a greater sense of community for employees to compete and collaborate with. Concepts similar to gamification are not new to work environments. Employee of the month programs have been around for years, as have other internal recognitions. Gamification enhances these traditional ideas, measuring data to drive employee motivation and see greater results. Because let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like winning?

Seeing results

All contact centers want to deliver quality customer experiences. A factor affecting the quality of your customer service is the contact center users. By implementing a gamification strategy in your organization, you can improve your customer experience by enhancing employee performance and motivation. Gamification according to Teleopti, encourages high performing agents to be continuously challenged and pushed to improve their own performance. It's an engaging way to drive employee engagement, ultimately leading to greater productivity, work satisfaction, and performance.

Have you or your company implemented gamification to increase agent engagement? Let us know in the comments below.




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