28 March 2017

WEBINAR - Migrate to Skype for Business

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Webinars

03/29/2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)

Make Skype for Business your next PBX replacement! Join conferences with a single tap instead of a complicated string of numbers, especially useful when joining hands-free or from a mobile device. Share your screen or share files easily during meetings, or fluidly pass control to others - for meetings with up to 250 people! Federation gives you the ability to see when a supplier, partner or customer is available, so you can give them a quick call or instant message, right from your contacts.

Whether you need to instant message, see presence, hold a conference, or just chat on the phone - Skype for Business is the single tool for all of your unified communications needs.

ComputerTalk ice, the Intelligent Communications Exchange, provides a native, enterprise-class, Skype for Business contact center experience, regardless of your cloud transition stage: on-premises, hybrid or fully cloud. The powerful IVR and ACD functionalities in ice enable an easily managed, scalable experience, with full omnichannel capabilities. ComputerTalk is a leader in the global contact center industry, providing cloud hosting services and custom application development for 30 years, as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Communications and Application Development.


07 May 2013

ComputerTalk’s hosted ice Lync cloud

Written by Martin Borowski, Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, Lync, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

ice Lync Clouds

ComputerTalk’s hosted ice Lync cloud can connect with your cloud for added communication features.

Adding communication capabilities to your contact center and day-to-day business processes can help drive business results and help you exceed customer expectations.  If you are looking for a full end-to-end unified communications solution for your office and contact center, combine Office 365 with ice in the ComputerTalk cloud.

You can also come to us for help in meeting technology goals.

If you are looking to replace your PBX with an IP-PBX, we can provide telephony expertise, so you can become SIP voice-enabled at the speed you choose. Once the transition is complete, you can take advantage of the benefits of SIP telephony in your office and in your contact center.

If your cloud is missing certain contact center or communication pieces, you can connect to ours for all the products listed in the ComputerTalk cloud (i.e. PCI compliant contact center, Lync IP PBX, ice, applications that make your processes more communications conscious.)

We can also work with you to provide your customers a joint offering.

Questions?  Send it to us using the Message Us section.

14 April 2013

Unified Communications for small and medium business made easy

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Unified Communications

Small and medium businesses reluctant to deploy Unified Communications (UC) because of integration costs might soon begin to reconsider.

UC lets employees work, collaborate, engage, and communicate faster and more efficiently.  Time saved by integrating systems that have traditionally sponged up significant batches of time on a daily basis frees that time to be allotted to more critical, meaningful work.

While deciding on a system might seem overwhelming initially, consultancy groups advocate approaching UC as a business strategy, rather than simply as a solution.  And the options are vast.

UC's conferencing and collaboration allow video-chat, file-sharing, and web-conferencing on your desk-top in real-time.  Unified messaging integrates email, mobile communications, messaging, voicemail and email etc, making all accessible any time, anywhere, from any device.  And an IP PBX, a switch which enables UC systems to connect to each other, can connect a phone system through a VoIP PBX hosting provider to reduce dropped calls and increase overall call quality.

Faster, smoother communication no doubt creates a competitive advantage, such that business managers might be wise to consider UC options and the potential impact on productivity and profits.

Learn how you can enhance your business with Lync and ice Contact Center.

26 March 2013

Enterprise Unified Communications deployments are increasing

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Unified Communications

Microsoft moves up to second place with 38% of voice deployments.

Recent surveys compiled by Michael Finneran, independent consultant and industry analyst, and Steve Taylor of Webtorials, show increasing numbers of enterprises are deploying unified communications (UC).   The full report is yet to be released, but they’ve shared some interesting findings.

According to an InformationWeek survey, 36% of enterprises have deployed UC, and 31% are planning to do so within the next 24 months.  A Webtorials survey found 21% reporting "full deployments", 53% reporting "partial deployments", and 16% were starting or would soon be starting their planning.

26 November 2012

Microsoft Lync moves closer to PBX replacement option

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Contact Center, Lync, Unified Communications, Microsoft

Microsoft makes it known their upgraded Lync unified communications platform, further supports more devices for better client support, server features for better meetings and collaboration, and integration with the peer-to-peer voice and video service Skype. This is drawing more and more customers. It also makes sense for organizations with Microsoft directory system, Microsoft business applications and Microsoft personal productivity tools such as Office to use Lync.

Lync system is evolving quickly and efficiently as a great alternative option to PBX replacement. Experts say it is clearly a good UC choice for customers with needs that align with Lync’s strengths. As more and more organizations become less reliant on traditional desktop phones, we will see Lync system become the best UC choice.

For companies not ready to fully move to Lync as a PBX replacement will find ice Contact Center as their best solution for their different communication needs. ice contact center will integrate all internal and external interactions into one platform. This includes contact center administration, Interactive Voice Response, Automated Call Distribution and reporting tools. Customers will be able to reach agents through phone, email, IM and webchat.

Learn more about ice contact center here.

SOURCE NetworkWorld

21 September 2012

ice Contact Center with Lync - advanced functionality walkthrough

Written by Chris Bardon, Posted in Contact Center, Lync, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

See how you can improve your company's communications. Chris Bardon walks us through ice Contact Center with Lync functionality; PBX, IVR, ACD, Reporting, phone, instant messaging, email, webchat.

Companies that use different communications solutions, (for example, use Lync to communicate internally and use a PBX contact center to communicate externally) have to pay extra to sustain the various systems. With ice contact center for Microsoft Lync, internal and external interactions, along with contact center administration, Interactive Voice Response, Automated Call Distribution, and reporting tools, are all in one platform. Customers are able to reach your agents through phone, email, IM, and webchat.

Also view it on Microsoft's Channel 9 site: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/ComputerTalk-ice-Contact-Center?format=html5

Learm more about ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync here.