31 March 2016

Big News from Microsoft Build 2016!

Written by Martin Borowski, Vivian Pow, Posted in Microsoft

Updates to the Skype for Business SDK and Skype Web SDKs, which allow for direct integration of Skype calls

During Build 2016, Microsoft announced that consumer Skype will integrate with Cortana and the Bot Framework, allowing users to make the most of the platform without leaving conversations! Cortana would search for relevant information, leverage additional details from Bing, help with calendar management, and make it easier to connect with people by suggesting what you can write to them.

Updates to the Skype for Business SDK and Skype Web SDKs, which allow for direct integration of Skype calls, were also announced.

You can find more details here: http://www.neowin.net/news/companies-can-now-integrate-skype-calls-in-their-web-apps-with-newly-announced-sdks

Here at ComputerTalk HQ, we’re excited to combine our creativity, the power of ice, and these newly announced technology updates to create tools that will help organizations unleash value-adding customer experiences and ultimately secure customer loyalty. 

08 December 2014

Skype Video – now a supported modality in ice Contact Center for Lync

Written by Martin Borowski, Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, Skype, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

Microsoft just released a new version of Skype, which delivers Skype and [LYNC] videos. ice is [LYNC] native, so new features that Microsoft add to [LYNC] and Skype would work with ice, with little to no customization or tweaking required.

We have just verified that Skype video calls is another modality that ice can handle! Benefits are that we can support video calls into ice from skype users as well as Lync users. This means that video support is much less esoteric than it was before, since now any Skype user (assuming they roll the change out to the rest of the clients) is going to be able to call into ice with video.

For a demo, sign up at www.computer-talk.com/demo-request

03 December 2014

Introducing the iceJournal tool in the newest version of ice!

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk

Having an integrated view of your contact center metrics could mean large cost and time savings for your contact center. One that is responsively designed for mobile devices provides an even greater value-add, ensuring that your team leads and supervisors have access to valuable information while on the go, via a secure internet connection.

iceJournal is ComputerTalk's answer to the market demand for an integrated interaction viewer.  iceJournal will be a part of the latest release of ice (Intelligent Communications Exchange) contact center.

iceJournal is a browser-based tool that provides the ability to search for interactions by queue, user, contact type, date range and other criteria. Contact details are shown when a particular record is selected.

Using iceJournal, you can:

  • Search for recorded and in-progress contacts.
  • Display details on selected contact. A contact can be voice (Skype, Lync, phone), email, IM, video, or Tweet.
  • Listen to recordings, read emails, and read transcripts of instant messages. Interactions from the same person are listed together.
  • A team lead, supervisor or administrator can evaluate the handling user’s performance on the selected contact.

Some screenshots:

Desktop view: search results

ice8 journal

Tablet view - Viewing an evaluation

ice8 journal

Smartphone view - Details view of an interaction

ice8 journal

11 November 2014

Microsoft announces Skype for Business

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Skype, Lync, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

Lync is Skype.

Microsoft transforms Lync into Skype for Business, taking us another step closer to Universal Communications. This will be available in the first half of 2015. Find out more about Skype for Business by watching this video.

Microsoft is bringing consumers and business together – Mobile first, cloud first. More information on Skype for Business is available here: http://blogs.skype.com/2014/11/11/introducing-skype-for-business/

03 June 2014

WPC 2014 - Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Washington D.C., July 13-17, 2014

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ComputerTalk is proud to be sponsoring the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, held in Washington DC, Jul 13 - Jul 17, 2014.  Keep an eye out for our ads and stay tuned for our demo schedule!

If you are interesting in meeting the team at WPC, please fill out the demo form here! In the message, indicate that you want to schedule a meeting.

We're excited about interacting with you - global partners and technical visionaries - and the opportunities for us to transform the future together.

Learn more about the WPC14 at http://www.digitalwpc.com.

Register for WPC 14 here: http://www.digitalwpc.com/WPC2014/Pages/Registration.aspx


24 December 2013

Skype – Lync – ice demo at Microsoft Lync Conference in Las Vegas, booth 618. See how you can transform customer service delivery.

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, Events, Lync, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

Visit ComputerTalk at the Aria in Vegas, at booth 618, to see the latest in contact center technology! The Lync Conference runs from February 18 to 20.

We’ll show how adding Skype and Twitter as modalities to your contact center will transform the way you deliver customer service, adding an extra oomph to your customer care/retention strategy.