13 November 2012

Unified communications are becoming a major priority for companies looking to remain competitive and efficient in today’s business

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Unified Communications

Unified communications are becoming a major priority for companies looking to remain competitive and efficient in today’s business. In the past, individuals would solely use a telephone if they wanted to speak to someone outside the office. Today, this is no longer the case. UC technologies continue to emerge and change the way people collaborate with one another. Mobile devices, video conferencing, Microsoft Lync (ice Contact Center for Lync) and a number of other services have completely revolutionized the workplace.

A study conducted by Infonetics Research, revealed that roughly 71 percent of business-decision makers said mobile device integration with UC is “very important” when selecting a vendor. These decision-makers are also looking for UC systems that enhance employee and operational efficiency, flexibility and response time. If a vendor doesn’t meet these criteria, they are simply not considered. Cost used to be the deciding factor but based on the research, the primary impediment is the complexity of UC. Overall, this study suggests that enterprises are looking for convenient, affordable but also easy-to-use unified communications. Decision makers need innovative tools that enhance operational efficiency and Computer Talk is that vendor which meets those needs above and beyond.

By 2013, smartphones and tablets will be the two most widely used devices for UC, surpassing computers and desktops. In response to that companies must look for smooth and easy integration between UC and mobile devices. Look to Computer Talk to serve that requirement with ease and efficiency.

Those companies not recognizing this emerging trend will find themselves too far behind the rest to catch up. Companies need to invest in the best and that’s how they remain on the cutting edge of this ever changing technology and in business.


15 October 2012

Unified Communications – What is UC and is it really worth it?

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Lync, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk, Microsoft

Working from anywhere, using any device at any time, efficiently and effectively is what Unified Communications (UC) is all about.

UC comes in the form of various bundles of services, from Presence and IM, to Email, to Conferencing and Collaboration, MPLS and Voice telephony. And all these smoothly intertwined with business processes of the company.

It comes with so many advantages to simplify the business but most importantly it saves a ton of time. Time – one incredibly valuable commodity with limited supply.

UC will save time on checking company directory, prevent calls to colleagues that are busy in this instance an not able to answer the call anyway and inform when is the actual best time to connect.

Unified Messaging is one neat example of UC. All emails, voicemail, text and fax come into a single inbox. And those voicemails are transcribed into text so no more time wasted dialing into the mailbox, typing the password, dialing to hear new message, waiting for the prompt…etc.

UC enables employees to be more productive for longer periods of time as information is sorted and timely.

The best part is the ability for the customer to try Unified Communications at a comfortable pace and test variety of options available without the pressure of full immediate integration.

ComputerTalk's ice product provides all the Unified Communications you need on a simple all-in-one platform; phone, email, instant messaging, social media (Facebook and Twitter), video, webchat, and Skype. Learn more about ice contact center.