31 May 2018

Meet the ComputerTalk Team: Georgia Coward

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in ComputerTalk


Name: Georgia Coward

Function: People Functions

Education: BA English - University of Western Ontario; HRM Post-Graduate Certificate - George Brown College; CHRP - Human Resources Professionals Association

What do you do here?

I am the People Function Lead, which means that I am customer service for all the employees. I do your traditional HR stuff, such as full-cycle recruiting (from campus recruiting to experienced hires), health and safety compliance, benefits and retirement administration, staff performance reviews and profiles, compensations and total rewards (market data, pay scales), planning social events, and a many other ad hoc projects.

What do you like about your role?

I like the variety. If I'm overwhelmed or can't do something right away, I can switch to something else. Being able to work between 5 or 6 different problems or projects works for me as I don't have the patience to work on one task at a time. As well, I like the autonomy. I don’t need to go to Blair [ComputerTalk's Chief of Staff] every 30 seconds to ask if my work is okay for approval because that would slow everything down. She trusts me and lets me run with things, but is always there for support. I talk to a lot of my other friends who work in HR and they are assigned to 4 or 5 tasks for the whole year. They must go to their manager with every draft to get approval, which I couldn't imagine for myself.

07 May 2013

Employee Engagement – Contact Center’s greatest resource

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Contact Center

The best customer service comes from engaged employees. They go beyond and above to solve customer issues and consistently provide superior customer service.  Encourage agents to take the time to solve the issue a customer is experiencing to avoid having them call back again. And worse, call back upset that they haven’t been properly helped in the first place. Agents who connect with customers are likely to better access the issue by the rapport they have with the client and therefore better prescribe corrective action.

Engaged Employees add value to products and services. Disengaged employees with one word answers cost companies millions of dollars lost each year. It is imperative that each caller is properly welcomed by the front-line personnel. This is easily accomplished if employees are excited about educating customers. Front-line employees who place themselves as experts and take the time to answer customer queries not just correctly but with facts and helpful hints increase first-call resolution.  As fully informed customers don’t need to call back again. Issue is solved and the customer is happy.

It is important therefore to recognize engaged employees in your contact center. Here are three basic ways of increasing employee engagement: